Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Instamate Reviews - Does Instamate Marketing Software Really Work to Automate Instagram?

Are you on the search for some good Instamate reviews? Maybe you have seen it before but want to   get some more information or maybe you want to buy it but just need a little help in the right direction. No matter what your goal is you can be sure to find good information here in this article. Does Instamate really work to automate Instagram for you? Well let’s take a deeper look to see.

What Exactly is Instamate?

This is really an online membership website software program. It encompasses several different tools to help promote/market on Instagram more efficiently. You can find good content, schedule posts, look at trends and more. If you are looking to take your Instagram campaign to the next level, then this software can help with that.

How Does It Start Off?

When you first purchase Instamate you will be sent links to log into Jvzoo where the   software is sold through. You can access your software from here. Once you enter Instamate you will go to the introduction page and watch the intro videos first.

Instamate offers several different tools within it. You can choose the “Instagram finder” to find relevant tags and accounts to whatever niche /interest you are searching. You can take the content that you find here and download/bookmark/upload or edit the content that you find. You can actually post to Instagram from computer with the content that you find on the Instamate software.

You will want to attach your account by clicking on the “Accounts” options on the bottom left. You can input your account login details here and it will be saved and so when you upload from Instamate it will go to your account automatically.

The “Schedule Posts” option is probably one of the most popular choices within Instamate. This allows you to schedule out your Instagram posts so you don’t have to manually post everything on your account. This frees you up to do other things and focus on more important tasks.

(As of this writing you   will need to keep the schedule posts screen open for the automated post to work right.)

You will also need to go to “Settings” and make sure the time is right for your zone. Otherwise, the posts will not go out at the time you really want.

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The Image Editor Add-on

Instamate also has the Instamate Image editor which allows you to edit any image you want. Whether this is from someone else’s account or an image you uploaded yourself. You can add text, colors, shapes and there are multiple options available to you to be as creative as you want!

Once you are done you can save it and schedule it for a time in the future or right away. This allows you to post pictures right from your desktop or laptop easily!

Trending is a feature that shows you what is trending right this second to gives your ideas or you can repost content to your own account right from your computer. There is a “Popular Tags” section that allows you to get popular tags from all kinds of different categories.

The Link Cloaker Add-on

There is the link cloaker that allows you to change any link into another link. This is perfect for those times when you have an affiliate link and a website like Facebook, Twitter or so on won’t allow you to use your raw affiliate link. You can cloak it easily and use this new link with your chosen description title, and image URL.

More Features Worth Noting

You can search copyright free images that you can then customize and post to your own account or accounts. You can bookmark content that you have found to use later. You can post to Instagram from computer with this software itself, as well so you won't even need your phone for this. VIP training (at extra cost) is also available to those who want to go deeper with their Instagram marketing overall.

The Bad Points

There is a lot offered but you must know a few things. There are several tools and you will be tempted just to hop right in, but you should watch all the training videos FIRST. These will tell you EXACTLY what you need to know to get the maximum amount of use from the software.
Also as of right now the “Schedule Posts” function does require that you be logged in and the webpage open to the "Scheduled Posts" page otherwise your post will not post at all. So make sure to have your computer on and webpage open. This can be a minor annoyance but may change in the near future.

The Final Verdict

So what should you take for these Instamate reviews on  whether  the software can help automate Instagram for you? Does it  really work? I would have to say yes! Overall there is really no reason not to get this online software for yourself or business. You can   take your Instagram marketing to a whole new level with all the many tools and trainings involved with it.