Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dark Post Engine Review - Is this the Best Facebook Ads Training Course for You?

Are you looking to start advertising on  facebook  for your business, cause, or whatever and are looking for the best facebook ads training course online?  Were you looking for a  Dark Post Engine review to see if  it can finally  help you  to start seeing a good return on your  investment. Well this blog post will give you  the much the needed information to make an informed decision before  buying.

What is Dark Post Engine?

Darkpost  engine (aka Darkpost) is an online software membership website that allows you to better advertise on  facebook. Within the software there are 2 separate tools. The first one is Top Post Engine which allows you to see what  others have been posting on their  facebook groups and what  is getting the most  engagement.

The other tool is  Ad Post Engine, this allows you to see what other  similar advertisers are  posting for their facebook ads campaigns. You can  then see what is being the most successful and use it as a basis for your own advertising ideas. At no point should you  directly  copy what  another  advertiser does but you  should consider  various elements that  seem to be  successful and make similar adjustments.

  • This allows anyone whether a novice or  expert to  grab some  serious  facebook ads training and to get started quickly
  • There are  several tutorial videos  to learn from
  • The 2 main tools provided take a lot of the guesswork out of  figuring out what is working when it comes to  ads

  • You will either need to  hire a  graphics  designer to  begin the ad placement process or  buy  social studio fx for this  program to work for you
  • You will need a website that  you can  install  the facebook pixels on easily  and that will filter through the data back to facebook once the pixel code is placed
  • There is a lot of information so  don't try to  do it all at once, otherwise it might be overwhelming.

In conclusion,  while there are a few cons to using the software.  I believe after this Dark Post Engine review, it is worth the purchase  priced based on the information you are given. There are  a lot of gems of knowledge  given to  the newcomers as well as the experts. You will definitely take some  useful advice from participating in this course and learn how to master this  social media marketing space as well. This is without doubt one of the best facebook ads training courses online today. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Pixel Studio FX Pro Software Review: Become An Ebook Cover Designer Online in the Next 30 Minutes

Your very  first  question might be what exactly is  Pixel Studio FX Pro Software and how in the world will it really help me? This review will  tell you what it is  and let you know how it can turn you into  a great ebook cover designer in under an hour easily.

I don't know about you  but I have created  several ebooks over the  years, and  for  nearly all of them I had to  get  a good ebook cover created for them to look good on my  email opt-in pages and promotional materials.  You  can get some pretty good  ebook covers  done from  freelance workers. I used to  go to the Fiverr website to have mine done pretty cheaply. Now while you  can get one done almost  dirt  cheap these days there is still the  back and  forward you have to  deal with. First, you have to find a reliable  ebook cover designer. Then you have to order and tell them EXACTLY what you want. They can take anywhere from a few hours to a  few days to return your work  to you. When they finally do return your work it may not be what  you want. So you have to send it back and it could take another  couple of hours or days . You still may not like what they  did and this can go on for  while if you are really picky about details.

In comes Pixel Studio FX Pro software which will save you  A LOT of time and money. When you login into the website you are  given pre-made  ebook templates which you  can  customize as you  wish. You can move images around, delete words, add words, add your logo or  url. You can  save it and download it into several different formats. It puts all the power firmly back in your hands to create quickly and efficiently. You will be surprised at just how many  beautiful ebook covers you can make with it.


  • Make Unlimited Ebook Covers Quickly (Be Your Own  Ebook Cover Designer)
  • No Having to Wait on Someone esle to do it for you
  • Many  Ebook Cover Templates to Choose
  • You Can Customize  the Templates as Much or as Little as You Want
  • Easily Save Your Work for Later or  Download in one of Several Different Well Known Formats
  •  Make Money with the Software Creating Ebook Covers for  Others.


  • You Will Need to Watch  at Least 1 Short How to  Tutorial Video to Understand the  System and create an ebook cover 
  • Not all of the Ebook Templates Shown in the Galleries are Readily Available Certain Ones are Locked and Require You to Upgrade First to Use
  • The software can be a little tricky from time to and will take a short learning curve to understand all the ends and outs (for example, when you are creating your ebook the zoom in and zoom out feature be difficult to work with at times)
In conclusion, I have used Pixel Studio FX Pro software several times over the past few months and  found that it helped me to create some wonderful ebook covers that I would proudly  share with  the public. There are a few drawbacks but overall  what you  get  is  a  great piece of online software ready  for use. Go get your  copy  TODAY!