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Bing Your Ads Reviews and Bonuses: Does It Really Work or is it a Scam for Bing Adwords?

So are you searching to find Bing Your Ads reviews? Wondering if this course really works or is it an another internet marketing scam situation for bing adwords? Well this article is going to break it all down for you from personal experience right now! Get ready for an in-depth review of this new internet marketing course and what you are really getting when you decide to purchase it.

What the Heck is Bing Your Ads and Why Choose It?

First off, what is Bing Your Ads? This an internet marketing course based around learning how to advertise on the Bing search engine platform. Bing is a search engine just like Google. A lot of people use Google AdWords to help promote their product and get leads for sales. The only real problem is that   Google AdWords has so many guidelines and restrictions to where it can be really difficult for a person to make a profit back, if they don’t truly know what they are doing. There is also the option of using Facebook Ads too, but again if you don’t know what you are doing you can lose a lot of money pretty quickly.

So this is where Bing comes in. Instead of going to Google AdWords or Facebook. You can advertise on Bing and receive sales and generate leads more easily. You learn this through the Bing Your Ads course. Matthew Near who is the creator of the course guides you step by step on how to get started on Bing quickly   and get your ads going for more exposure for your business. This can be great for beginners or even intermediates with Bing pay per click advertising.

Why Advertise with Bing Pay Per Click Advertising (Bing Adwords) in The First Place?

You may wonder why should you consider advertising on Bing anyway? I am with you here. I had never really thought about Bing much myself. I knew it was a search engine and that it was kind like a second or third rate Google. I just didn’t think it really had all that much to offer a business person. Well in this course you learn why Bing is actually a smart place to advertise. For instance, did you know that when you advertise on Bing you also can show up on Yahoo and several places online due to the established framework?

This means when you place your ads through Bing (aka bing ad words)you can show up in so many more places than just the Bing search results. The other added plus is since not a lot of people are advertising on Bing you can get a pay per click advertising way cheaper. Literally for pennies on the dollars with Bing pay per click (ppc).

This is great news for marketers because that means you can save a lot of money in advertising by going down this route versus using Google AdWords or Facebook ads which are both overly saturated. This increases your chances at success right out of the gate.

What You Get and the Bonuses

When you purchase Bing Your Ads you get the several things to help you succeed. You get the initial Bing advertising course where Matthew Neer explains EXACTLY how to set up your first Bing pay per click ad quickly and easily.
You also get several other training videos where he goes into detail about how to attract your ideal customer, how to make advertisements that draw in sales leads more easily, and several other training videos to help your business succeed overall. This is literally hours of bonus training that is given away. He could normally charge several thousand dollars for this, but he includes it for those who purchase the Bing Your Ads advertising course.

Once you buy the initial purchase there is also an offer to have monthly paid traffic sent to whatever offer you want.  This means if you take this separate offer all you have to do is pay the small fee and then you can have at least 100 clicks of paid traffic sent to you automatically  with minimal effort. Matthew does state that this traffic does do best with internet marketing offers so keep your offers in this range when using this special service.

There is also one more option presented separately for those who want to learn how to run unlimited campaigns for themselves and how to scale up your business with Bing Your Ads. This is referred to as the Unlimited Campaigns section. Here Matthew gives you several resources you can use from his own Bing pay per click campaigns to start seeing success faster and on a bigger scale.
These separate offers are great but it really is up to the individual buyer need to decide whether they really want to spend more money for these or not.

My Initial Experience

Thanks to Bing Your Ads I was able to set up my first Bing advertising campaign fast and started seeing many impressions for my ads with only about 30 to 40 or so minutes of work. I would have never been about to have done this so fast without the Bing Your Ads course. I also witnessed clicks on my ads as well.

The Bad Part About Bing Your Ads (Bing Adwords) Product Review

So with just about everything in life there are some disadvantages to take note of. First, none of the work for the initial course is done for you.  You will have to go set up your own Bing Advertising account and you will need to spend at least a little money on advertising. Matthew recommends you can start off small as much as 5 or 10 dollars just to get your feet wet. So this means when you buy the course you will have to spend more money to actually advertise whatever offer you are promoting.

Also there is no guarantee that your first ad or ads that you run will be a home run. You may have to test several ads before you see any return on your investment. My first 2 ads I ran were not very successful to be honest.

These are cold hard facts that you do need to be aware of, but the good news is that this course can severely cut short your learning curve with Bing advertising so you can get to success FASTER.

In Conclusion

In this Bing Your Ads review I have to come to one  grand decision. So is it A Scam? Anyone looking to get more exposure for their business by increasing direct sales or sales leads should consider getting Bing Your Ads. This NOT A SCAM for bing ad words. There is true value given here. So does it really work ?This can really work to take your business to a new level as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to see it through.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Favor Food Delivery Review - The New App for Food Delivery (FREE DISCOUNT CODE)

So are you in a situation where you need an app for food delivery? This Favor food delivery review will help you understand what your new option is and whether it will benefit you to try it or not. Plus, find out how you can get a FREE discount code to try the new service out for yourself and if this is the best grocery delivery service. 

Just to be Honest…

The following review that you are about to read is based purely on personal experience. Your own experience may end up differently depending on that your trying to do with this service.
So first off what the heck is the Favor food delivery app? This is a smartphone application that allows anyone to order items directly through their phones. This could be items from just about anywhere. It could be your local grocery store, a fancy restaurant or even department stores. You can generally have your item delivered to you within an hour. This app is mainly great for those places you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to order delivery from.

Now on to My Order

I was in a situation where I couldn’t take my own car to get groceries and I needed them in a hurry. So I looked over several different options from Google Express to Amazon Fresh and a couple of others. I ran in to several issues with these. They either didn’t deliver in my area or the items that they did deliver weren’t what I needed.

So I went on to my google play store and found the Favor food delivery app. I found out that they did deliver groceries and they were available in my area. I also found a free delivery code which I used as well.

So I found my local store on the app and began to compile my list of things. I knew I didn’t want to make a BIG list since this was my first time using the service. I basically made a list of essential things I needed for the week. Since I knew I would be going to the grocery later in the week and could get more then.

I submitted my order on the Favor food delivery app and it showed me who would be doing the errand for me. These people are referred to as “runners”. It showed me all the different   steps of the process. This goes from   receiving the order to going to the location to leaving the location and to arriving. This allows me to constantly be updated on the status of my order which I liked.
The runner was in constant communication with me too. She would message me on how far she had gotten and to confirm certain items to make sure she got the right one. This all made me feel like I was cared about and an individual not just another random number.

What I Got

My order was received in roughly 45 minutes. Everything I had ordered was there. I confirmed the payment through the app and the transaction was completed.
I liked it and it was great when I was in crunch for time. (Please be aware that this service does not deliver alcohol. ) I would consider using it again in the near future.

What I Didn't Like

One of the only things about the Favor food delivery app I didn’t like was that the price you received for the service wasn’t exactly clear during the process. In most cases you are provided the price of said items but in my case, since they were very specific grocery items that could be a reason why they weren’t readily available. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future. So sometimes you have to guess mate what you will be paying in the end. This includes delivery fee, processing fee and the runner’s tip. 

Final Verdict

Overall I would give a Favor a good rating and would consider it again strong app for food delivery. This did end up being the best grocery delivery service for me. Try the service out for yourself NOW!

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Download the  Favor food delivery app and  use  this code: MARVW8Q

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Uber Driver Reviews- Uber Cab/Taxi App - Is It a SCAM?


You are on the lookout for Uber driver reviews and I am here to give them to you front and center. In this article, I will go over what Uber cab/taxi app is all about and what my first time experience was like. You will learn the ups and downs of using this service and also gain a FREE DISCOUNT as well! So let’s get started! Is it a SCAM? Let’s find out together.

The Basics

First off, what is Uber? It is basically a smartphone app that allows you to request for rides from various types of vehicles and drivers that are available in their database. You can generally get a ride within 10 to 15 minutes depending on where you are at.

The Plus Side:

  • The App is FREE to download but the rides are NOT (generally)
  • You never NEED CASH to ride just a credit/debit card attached to your account where Uber can deduct from
  • No need to fool with change for tips because you can do the whole transaction via your phone
  • You can choose what kind of ride you want Uber, Uber XL, and so on

The Bad Side:

  • Yes, it does take money to ride
  • You can’t choose another driver once you make a selection
  • Cancelling a Ride will incur a small cancellation free
  • Prices can spike if there are special events going on or Ubers are in high demand

My Personal Experience (Real Uber Drivers Review)

I had never used Uber before but because I was out of town and my hotel gave me a FREE code to try it out. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot!

To my surprise the whole process was very easy. I simply input my promotional code. Then, put in my location and where I wanted to go. Then within about 10 minutes my ride had arrived. The Uber cab/taxi app actually showed me the whereabouts of my ride as well and gave good time estimates on when it would be there. I got to see a picture of my driver and the car that would be picking me up.

I was quite nervous about my first ride but the experience was very enjoyable. My driver was friendly and very down to earth. The car was clean and no bad smells. When I arrived at my destination I just got out and went on with the rest of my evening. Financial side of the transaction is handled by the Uber app itself. It also gives you an option to tip your driver but that’s totally up to you! No pressure since this is offered by the app itself and you never have to worry about person to person peer pressure which I love!

There are also several different types of Ubers:
  • Uber X (these are generally everyday cars that are 4 seaters)
  • Uber XL (these are generally SUVs and Minivans that are 6 seaters)
  • They even have luxury vehicles you can take but the cheapest will be UberX (it fits the bill in most cases.)

(One more tip make sure you have your GPS turned on for the Uber app to work properly.)

I have used Uber several times since my initial experience and have found it to be a wonderful service, especially when out of town and unfamiliar with the area. This is NOT A SCAM! Give it a shot.

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iWriter Review - Is this Article Writing Service a REAL LIFE SCAM? (BEWARE!!!)

You are probably on the hunt to find a iWriter review to really uncover if this article writing service is a SCAM? Or maybe you have heard of it for the first time and are curious to know from a real user, if it is worth your time? Well this article is just for you my friend! Keep reading to find the real TRUTH behind this website NOW!

The Basics

First, iWriter has been in service since 2011. It is a place for anyone who wants to have articles written to go and submit a project then have   all kinds of individuals take on the work.  This means you have people from all over the world   working for you right out of the gate. The writers are separated by different types. There are the Basic, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus writers. Depending on what kind of article you want written, level and price you are willing to pay per article this will determine which level of writer you go with.

Second, you can have all kinds of content generated by this website. This could mean blog posts, eBooks, amazon articles, and more are possible through this website. This is one of the things that makes this article writing service so great! You just submit your project, payment information and the workers will generate it for you. The other cool part is you don’t have to pay until you are totally satisfied with the work! So if a writer submits bad work to you, then you don’t have to pay any money to them. You can just reject it and it will go back in the queue or you can have it revised and indicate what needs to be improved upon to the writer themselves.

The Biggest Untold Secret for Success with iWriter

Thirdly, one of the biggest tips is to be specific when you submit your work. So for instance, if you want a certain keyword mentioned several times in the article make sure to mention it when you submit your article writing project. I wanted to make sure I covered this in this iWriter review, because it can be one of the biggest challenges for anyone just starting out. There is a section on the iWriter project   submission form called “special instructions” that will allow anyone submitting a content request to specify any requirements that need to me met. Take advantage of this!

Did I Mention You Can Get Paid to Write Too?

Fourth, you can get paid to write articles as well. Maybe you don’t need any articles written but you need some extra money. Well this is also the place to go to make that a reality. If you don’t mind writing, then you can write for others on the iWriter platform and receive payment within a few days. This can be great for writers who need some side income or even replacing your full time regular job if you are determined enough. You sign up put in how you want to be paid information and then click on “write content” and a number of various writing jobs will be presented to you. They will state the subject and the amount being paid. This way you can cherry pick what you are most interested in and what will be the best return on your time invested. (You can even get  paid to re-write an article for someone. How easy is that!)

After reading this iWriter review there should be no question that this article writing service is definitely not a SCAM!

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Aweber Reviews - One of the Best Email Marketing Companies (But Is It A SCAM?)

There are probably several  aweber  reviews online  that you could have  checked out  but  I am glad you are  here. In this review, I will go over the truth that lies beneath one of the very popular  email marketing  companies around. Is it a SCAM? Sit back and just take it all in for this  totally  honest account and can you really get  it  free?

My Aweber Experience

I have been using Aweber for several years now. I used it to promote my   free singing  course on my  singing  lessons website, and I also use it now to  promote my  free Instagram report guide for getting more likes and followers.

It is really a good service and provides many options for any marketer. They provide tutorial videos ,so  that anyone can become more  familiar with  the various tools that are  provided.

You are able to set up various autoresponder series,  so that you can  run  various  email campaigns at the same time. There is no need for you to have to sit and manually send out   emails to each and everyone of your  prospects. Aweber will do it for you!

They also have a broadcast  feature which allows you to  send out  one  big  email to everyone in case you have a big one time event going on or want to notify your list of an item for  sale.

Aweber Live

Aweber also provides webinars where the members can attend and ask questions about  various  marketing techniques  and tactics. If a person is unable to attend this webinar then they can watch the live recording at a later date.

They also now have aweber  smartphone app that  lets you  check on your statistics, how many signups you  got recently and who signed up to your list.

Remember all of your list information is stored on Aweber’s database. So if something goes wrong with your computer your list is still safe!

The Aweber Support Team

In general,  I have found  that  the  company itself is very  friendly and down to earth. If you have any  questions they will not  hesitate to try to answer your inquiries in as little time as possible in my  Aweber reviews. This is why it is one of the   best email marketing companies in the world, I believe.
Aweber  currently has a 30  email marketing software FREE trial going on . This allows anyone to try their service at no cost. You are free to cancel anytime and not incur a fee for doing so.

This is your perfect opportunity to test drive this email marketing software free for yourself. If you like it, then keep it.You will be charged whatever the normal monthly fee is for your designated package after the trial is over. Go check it out!

Go to NOW for your  FREE Trial!