Monday, July 11, 2016

Aweber Reviews - One of the Best Email Marketing Companies (But Is It A SCAM?)

There are probably several  aweber  reviews online  that you could have  checked out  but  I am glad you are  here. In this review, I will go over the truth that lies beneath one of the very popular  email marketing  companies around. Is it a SCAM? Sit back and just take it all in for this  totally  honest account and can you really get  it  free?

My Aweber Experience

I have been using Aweber for several years now. I used it to promote my   free singing  course on my  singing  lessons website, and I also use it now to  promote my  free Instagram report guide for getting more likes and followers.

It is really a good service and provides many options for any marketer. They provide tutorial videos ,so  that anyone can become more  familiar with  the various tools that are  provided.

You are able to set up various autoresponder series,  so that you can  run  various  email campaigns at the same time. There is no need for you to have to sit and manually send out   emails to each and everyone of your  prospects. Aweber will do it for you!

They also have a broadcast  feature which allows you to  send out  one  big  email to everyone in case you have a big one time event going on or want to notify your list of an item for  sale.

Aweber Live

Aweber also provides webinars where the members can attend and ask questions about  various  marketing techniques  and tactics. If a person is unable to attend this webinar then they can watch the live recording at a later date.

They also now have aweber  smartphone app that  lets you  check on your statistics, how many signups you  got recently and who signed up to your list.

Remember all of your list information is stored on Aweber’s database. So if something goes wrong with your computer your list is still safe!

The Aweber Support Team

In general,  I have found  that  the  company itself is very  friendly and down to earth. If you have any  questions they will not  hesitate to try to answer your inquiries in as little time as possible in my  Aweber reviews. This is why it is one of the   best email marketing companies in the world, I believe.
Aweber  currently has a 30  email marketing software FREE trial going on . This allows anyone to try their service at no cost. You are free to cancel anytime and not incur a fee for doing so.

This is your perfect opportunity to test drive this email marketing software free for yourself. If you like it, then keep it.You will be charged whatever the normal monthly fee is for your designated package after the trial is over. Go check it out!

Go to NOW for your  FREE Trial!

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