Thursday, July 21, 2016

Favor Food Delivery Review - The New App for Food Delivery (FREE DISCOUNT CODE)

So are you in a situation where you need an app for food delivery? This Favor food delivery review will help you understand what your new option is and whether it will benefit you to try it or not. Plus, find out how you can get a FREE discount code to try the new service out for yourself and if this is the best grocery delivery service. 

Just to be Honest…

The following review that you are about to read is based purely on personal experience. Your own experience may end up differently depending on that your trying to do with this service.
So first off what the heck is the Favor food delivery app? This is a smartphone application that allows anyone to order items directly through their phones. This could be items from just about anywhere. It could be your local grocery store, a fancy restaurant or even department stores. You can generally have your item delivered to you within an hour. This app is mainly great for those places you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to order delivery from.

Now on to My Order

I was in a situation where I couldn’t take my own car to get groceries and I needed them in a hurry. So I looked over several different options from Google Express to Amazon Fresh and a couple of others. I ran in to several issues with these. They either didn’t deliver in my area or the items that they did deliver weren’t what I needed.

So I went on to my google play store and found the Favor food delivery app. I found out that they did deliver groceries and they were available in my area. I also found a free delivery code which I used as well.

So I found my local store on the app and began to compile my list of things. I knew I didn’t want to make a BIG list since this was my first time using the service. I basically made a list of essential things I needed for the week. Since I knew I would be going to the grocery later in the week and could get more then.

I submitted my order on the Favor food delivery app and it showed me who would be doing the errand for me. These people are referred to as “runners”. It showed me all the different   steps of the process. This goes from   receiving the order to going to the location to leaving the location and to arriving. This allows me to constantly be updated on the status of my order which I liked.
The runner was in constant communication with me too. She would message me on how far she had gotten and to confirm certain items to make sure she got the right one. This all made me feel like I was cared about and an individual not just another random number.

What I Got

My order was received in roughly 45 minutes. Everything I had ordered was there. I confirmed the payment through the app and the transaction was completed.
I liked it and it was great when I was in crunch for time. (Please be aware that this service does not deliver alcohol. ) I would consider using it again in the near future.

What I Didn't Like

One of the only things about the Favor food delivery app I didn’t like was that the price you received for the service wasn’t exactly clear during the process. In most cases you are provided the price of said items but in my case, since they were very specific grocery items that could be a reason why they weren’t readily available. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future. So sometimes you have to guess mate what you will be paying in the end. This includes delivery fee, processing fee and the runner’s tip. 

Final Verdict

Overall I would give a Favor a good rating and would consider it again strong app for food delivery. This did end up being the best grocery delivery service for me. Try the service out for yourself NOW!

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