Friday, July 15, 2016

iWriter Review - Is this Article Writing Service a REAL LIFE SCAM? (BEWARE!!!)

You are probably on the hunt to find a iWriter review to really uncover if this article writing service is a SCAM? Or maybe you have heard of it for the first time and are curious to know from a real user, if it is worth your time? Well this article is just for you my friend! Keep reading to find the real TRUTH behind this website NOW!

The Basics

First, iWriter has been in service since 2011. It is a place for anyone who wants to have articles written to go and submit a project then have   all kinds of individuals take on the work.  This means you have people from all over the world   working for you right out of the gate. The writers are separated by different types. There are the Basic, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus writers. Depending on what kind of article you want written, level and price you are willing to pay per article this will determine which level of writer you go with.

Second, you can have all kinds of content generated by this website. This could mean blog posts, eBooks, amazon articles, and more are possible through this website. This is one of the things that makes this article writing service so great! You just submit your project, payment information and the workers will generate it for you. The other cool part is you don’t have to pay until you are totally satisfied with the work! So if a writer submits bad work to you, then you don’t have to pay any money to them. You can just reject it and it will go back in the queue or you can have it revised and indicate what needs to be improved upon to the writer themselves.

The Biggest Untold Secret for Success with iWriter

Thirdly, one of the biggest tips is to be specific when you submit your work. So for instance, if you want a certain keyword mentioned several times in the article make sure to mention it when you submit your article writing project. I wanted to make sure I covered this in this iWriter review, because it can be one of the biggest challenges for anyone just starting out. There is a section on the iWriter project   submission form called “special instructions” that will allow anyone submitting a content request to specify any requirements that need to me met. Take advantage of this!

Did I Mention You Can Get Paid to Write Too?

Fourth, you can get paid to write articles as well. Maybe you don’t need any articles written but you need some extra money. Well this is also the place to go to make that a reality. If you don’t mind writing, then you can write for others on the iWriter platform and receive payment within a few days. This can be great for writers who need some side income or even replacing your full time regular job if you are determined enough. You sign up put in how you want to be paid information and then click on “write content” and a number of various writing jobs will be presented to you. They will state the subject and the amount being paid. This way you can cherry pick what you are most interested in and what will be the best return on your time invested. (You can even get  paid to re-write an article for someone. How easy is that!)

After reading this iWriter review there should be no question that this article writing service is definitely not a SCAM!

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