Friday, July 15, 2016

Uber Driver Reviews- Uber Cab/Taxi App - Is It a SCAM?


You are on the lookout for Uber driver reviews and I am here to give them to you front and center. In this article, I will go over what Uber cab/taxi app is all about and what my first time experience was like. You will learn the ups and downs of using this service and also gain a FREE DISCOUNT as well! So let’s get started! Is it a SCAM? Let’s find out together.

The Basics

First off, what is Uber? It is basically a smartphone app that allows you to request for rides from various types of vehicles and drivers that are available in their database. You can generally get a ride within 10 to 15 minutes depending on where you are at.

The Plus Side:

  • The App is FREE to download but the rides are NOT (generally)
  • You never NEED CASH to ride just a credit/debit card attached to your account where Uber can deduct from
  • No need to fool with change for tips because you can do the whole transaction via your phone
  • You can choose what kind of ride you want Uber, Uber XL, and so on

The Bad Side:

  • Yes, it does take money to ride
  • You can’t choose another driver once you make a selection
  • Cancelling a Ride will incur a small cancellation free
  • Prices can spike if there are special events going on or Ubers are in high demand

My Personal Experience (Real Uber Drivers Review)

I had never used Uber before but because I was out of town and my hotel gave me a FREE code to try it out. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot!

To my surprise the whole process was very easy. I simply input my promotional code. Then, put in my location and where I wanted to go. Then within about 10 minutes my ride had arrived. The Uber cab/taxi app actually showed me the whereabouts of my ride as well and gave good time estimates on when it would be there. I got to see a picture of my driver and the car that would be picking me up.

I was quite nervous about my first ride but the experience was very enjoyable. My driver was friendly and very down to earth. The car was clean and no bad smells. When I arrived at my destination I just got out and went on with the rest of my evening. Financial side of the transaction is handled by the Uber app itself. It also gives you an option to tip your driver but that’s totally up to you! No pressure since this is offered by the app itself and you never have to worry about person to person peer pressure which I love!

There are also several different types of Ubers:
  • Uber X (these are generally everyday cars that are 4 seaters)
  • Uber XL (these are generally SUVs and Minivans that are 6 seaters)
  • They even have luxury vehicles you can take but the cheapest will be UberX (it fits the bill in most cases.)

(One more tip make sure you have your GPS turned on for the Uber app to work properly.)

I have used Uber several times since my initial experience and have found it to be a wonderful service, especially when out of town and unfamiliar with the area. This is NOT A SCAM! Give it a shot.

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